Stop Blaming Whitey

Personal Responsibility Is Not Racist

Entitlements and the destruction of the black family.

Again, keep in mind that blacks make up 12.6% of the US population and whites make up 72.4%.  One of the first justifications and most widely used arguement used when the discussion of welfare comes up is that more white people are on welfare or assistance than black people.  When 3 out of every 4 people in the US are white, you would expect more white people than black people to on welfare.  As of October 2012 blacks make up 39.8% of all people on welfare while whites represent 38.9% of those on welfare.  Source: Statistic Brain

When you look at the percentage of cases as opposed to the percentage of blacks in the US population, once again they are disproportionately represented.

The chances of receiving AFDC payments differ by race and Hispanic origin, but not the nativity of the mother. Race: About 1 in 4 Black mothers of childbearing ages (1.5 million) were AFDC recipients, higher than the 7 percent of corresponding White mothers (2.1 million). Source: US Census

Why does this matter?

Because over the course of the past 50 years, after the creation of endless social programs, after the billions of dollars spent, after affirmative action, social program after social program and the relentless drumbeat about how blacks are victims and need more help to be equal, the economic problems, crime rates and societal problems of the black community are getting worse and that is negatively affecting society as a whole.  The negative affects of the problems within the black community are disproportionate from any other demographic of the US population and until the black community starts to take more personal responsibility for those problems instead of making excuses, it will continue to get worse.

So what is to blame for the breakdown of the black family over the past 50 years?  Why after all the so called progressive changes, why after affirmative action, why after the decades of ever increasing social programs has the black family deteriorated?  Why have crimes committed by blacks gone up?  Why has the drop out rate gone up?  If all these programs that were designed to help relieve the oppression of blacks and to make things equal, why has it gotten worse?

One study by the Action Institute and Erol Ricketts believe that it is the social programs and welfare itself that has destroyed the black family, not so called residual affects of slavery.   Source: Action Institute/Life Site News


To get a better understanding on how the societal failures of the black community are disproportionate to other races, lets first look at the US population as a whole.  African Americans/Blacks make up less than 13% of the US population, 12.6% to be exact, while whites make up 72.4%.

Lets take a look at the statistical facts and data. (Keep in mind, blacks make up 12.6% of the population and whites make up 72.4%).

**The following data comes from the FBI Uniform Crime Reports

Crime Summary: Overall percentage of reported crimes by crime and race

Murder - (48.0% White) (49.7% Black)
Rape - (65.0% White) (32.9% Black)
Robbery - (43.0% White) (55.6% Black)
Assault - (63.9% White) (33.6% Black)
Burglary - (66.7% White) (31.7% Black)
Larceny/Theft - (68.6% White) (28.8% Black)
Vehicle Theft - (64.0% White) (33.9% Black)

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