Stop Blaming Whitey

Personal Responsibility Is Not Racist

A Rush To Judgement in Ferguson?
How innocent was Michael Brown?

Stop Blaming Whitey

Personal Responsibility Is Not Racist


I started this site as a forum for people who would like to honestly discuss or vent about the problems within our society and within the African American community without being labeled racist.

This site is born out of the frustration of being called and labeled racist merely because I uttered statistics or brought up personal responsibility.  The problems within the African American community affects all of us and all of us have a right to discuss them and be concerned about them.

It is for the betterment of all society for everyone to make it in life and become productive members of society.  With this we cannot ignore that the African American community is disproportionately represented among the prison population, the poor, the high school drop out population, etc etc.

However historically the excuses have been blamed on the white man and past transgressions of slavery.  Today the the excuse of perpetual victim hood peddled by so-called leaders of the black community is used as an excuse anytime the truth or statistics of the societal failures within the black community are brought up.  I call them societal failures because it is a societal failure when 9 out of every 10 black children will receive food stamps.  I call it a societal failure when more black men go to prison than to college.  I call it a societal failure when blacks historically have the highest highschool drop out rates.  It is a societal failure when 6 out of every 10 black babies are born on Medicaid. These are monumental societal failures that affect all of society and exist within the black community as a whole.

Racism does not force people to drop out of school.  Racism does not get your 16 daughter pregnant.  Racism does not force your son to commit crimes.  All of these things are done by choice.

The African American community does not hold the patent on hard times, dysfunctional families, struggles, unfair treatment, or even slavery.  However routinely it is the black community who cries for equality yet is the first to point out it's difference in color when decrying about the pain they hold for the inequalities in their life brought on by the white man.

If you are black and you are poor, the first person you should look at to find the main cause of it is yourself.  Stop Blaming Whitey, personal responsibility is not racist.

If you are fed up with the inability to speak about truth, statistics and  personal responsibility without being labeled racist - you are in the right place.  

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